Why are aromatic compounds called aromatic?

What is Aromatic Compounds?

aromatic compounds

Such compounds have been obtained from natural sources such as resins, balsam and bitter almond oil, which contain special type of smell.

These compounds are called aromatic compounds due to their special type of smell. The word aromatic originated from the Greek aroma meaning aroma.

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The study of these compounds revealed that the percentage of carbon atoms in them is higher than corresponding aliphatic compounds. It has been found that the simplest of these compounds is the derivative of benzene and most other compounds benzene.

Therefore, initially benzene and its derivatives are called aromatic compounds. Later, by detailed study of the properties and structures of some other compounds, it has been found that their properties and structure are more similar to the properties of benzene and its derivatives and their structure. These compounds are also called aromatic compounds.

Therefore, benzene, derivatives of benzene and other compounds that have properties and structure similar to benzene are called aromatic compounds.

Sources of aromatic compounds:

Bitumen has been a major source of aromatic compounds for nearly four decades from now. It derives as a byproduct from distructive distillation of bituminous coul. Aromatic compounds are also found in flora and patrolium. Petrolium industry has grown rapidly in the last four decades. Along with this, patrolium has now become a source of aromatic compounds.

The following substances are mainly found by heating bituminous coal in the retorts of fire clay in the absence of air at 1000–14oo°C.

Coal gas: This gas is used to produce fuel and light.

Ammonical liquor: This fluid is used to make ammonia.

Coal Tar: It is a black thick liquid. From this benzene and benzene are derived.

Coke: This solid substance remains as a residue in ritart which is used as a reducing agent in fuel and metal extraction.

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