What is toluene used for? Preparation and Properties

Toluene is an aromatic hydrocarbon. Toluene is a colourless liquid and water-insoluble liquid. It is smell like paint thinners. Toluene IUPAC systematic name is Methylbenzene. Toluene was first derived from reagent named Tolu Balsam. Hence it was named toluene.

Preparation of Toluene:

Benzene: toluene can be made from benzene by a Friedel–Crafts reaction.

C6H6 + CH3Cl → C6H5CH3 + HCl

Bromobenzene: Toluene is obtained when sodium is reacted with an analogous mixture of bromobenzene and bromomethane in ethereal solution.

C6H5Br + 2Na + BrCH3 → C6H5CH3 + 2NaBr

Similarly, toluene is also obtained by the action of chlorobenzene and methyl chloride from sodium. This reaction is called wurtz fittig reaction.

Sodium Toluate: Toluene can be obtained by heating a mixture of sodium toluate and soda lime.

C6H4(CH3)COONa + NaOH → C6H5CH3 + Na2CO3

Grignard Reagent: toluene is obtained by reaction of fenil magnicium chloride, bomomide or iodide with methyl chloride, bromide or iodide.

C6H5MgBr + CH3Br → C6H5CH3 + MgBr2

Physical Properties:

Toluene is a colourless liquid.

Its boiling point is 110.

Its smell is similar to benzene

It is insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol, ether and benzene.

It is itself a good solvent for many organic compounds.

Toluene Uses

It is used in making many other aromatic compound, which are used as pigments, pigments, explosives and other useful substances. Of these, T N T and securin are the two main and useful substances obtained from toluene.

It is used as oil fat rubber and some other substances.

It is also used in dry cleaning of clothes.

Toluene can be used as fuel in moter cars in combination with petrol.

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