What is the structure and Uses of the Ozone gas?

Ozone Structure

Ozone Structure : Ozone is made from oxygen and only oxygen is obtained when ozone is heated. This proves that it contains only oxygen atoms. Its vapor density is 24 and its molecular weight is 48. On this basis its molecular formula is O3.

Sorets Experiment

In this experiment, two graduated flasks of equal volume are filled with oxygen gas containing ozone at the same conditions of temperature and pressure.

Newths Experiment

The equipment used in this experiment consists of two coaxial tubes made of rubber. A thin tube filled with turpentine oil is hung in the middle of one part of these tubes. The outer edge of the second part of these tubes is attached to the manometer, which is filled with colored H2SO4. Newths Experiment

Tests of Ozone

Ozone is absorbed by turpentine oil.

Uses of Ozone

It is used as a bleach in the bleaching of oils, waxes, starches and fabric dyes.

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