What is aniline used for? Preparation, Properties, and Tests

Aniline Preparation

Laboratory method: from tin and HCl reduction of nitrobenzene: in the laboratory, aniline is made by the reduction of nitrobenzene by tin and HCl.

Aniline Physical Properties

In pure state, aniline is a colorless liquid. Its boiling point is 184°C. When exposed to air, it gets oxidized in small amounts and due to this its color becomes light brown. It is less soluble in water but more soluble in ether, alcohol and chloroform. Its relative density is 1.02. It has a distinct smell. It is a toxic substance.

Aniline uses

Aniline is used as a catalyst in the manufacture of other aromatic compounds, in the manufacture of pigments, in the manufacture of drugs, and in vulcanisation in rubber industry.

Aniline Tests

By mixing chloroform and alcohol KOH solution in aniline, a very deodorant substance is formed upon heating.

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